Our Vision

Our Vision

To learn, To achieve, To lead, and to serve; discovering the promise in our selves and the world.

Our vision and values are based on the fundamental belief that all pupils can achieve, succeed and thrive – and it is the mission of everybody at the school to ensure that this happens for each and every pupil.

In realising this mission, we recognise that, while a student's academic performance is always central, the building of responsibility, respect for others and self-esteem, so vital for success in adulthood, comes equally from participation in the many other areas of school life. Added to this, we seek to develop in our students an appreciation of how to embrace change through maturity of outlook, breadth of thought and consideration of action, when faced with the demands of an ever-changing world.

Our children are not only taught facts and knowledge. They are taught how to be independent learners, how to research, use critical thinking skills, be able to communicate and to be well-balanced decision makers able to analyse and conclude. The world of employment that they face is fast changing and has not yet even been invented.

We promise to make them adaptable and flexible in thought and character and to be able to compete for places in any University or employment anywhere in the world.