Learning Environment

Early Years Learning Environment

Our Early Years Centre offers our youngest children an exceptional first educational experience, which will introduce them to the joys of learning. It combines a curriculum that is stimulating, creative and integrated, with specific guidance on personal, social and emotional development.

The International Primary Curriculum is being used in over 1000 schools in 65 countries around the world. It was launched in 2000 having taken three years to create by a group of leading experts in children’s learning from around the world. 

It provides a safe, stimulating child-centred environment designed for your children to thrive socially, intellectually and physically.

Class sizes are small, with a maximum of 25 children in each class. Each class has two teachers one fluent in English and one fluent in Arabic.  Specialist teachers join us for Music, PE and Art, and we encourage our families to come and support us in promoting learning.

We believe it is essential for your children to feel happy, confident, secure and cared for as they learn.  We promote creative and imaginative opportunities for children to develop the core skills of early reading, writing and numeracy. The EYC curriculum is an integrated model using the best practice encompassed in the thematic approach of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC).

There are seven key areas of learning: 

• Personal, social and emotional development 

• Communication 

• Language and literacy 

• Mathematical development 

• Problem solving and reasoning 

• Knowledge and understanding of the world 

• Physical and creative development