After School Clubs (ACS)

These are ‘enrichment activities’ not directly related to the subject curriculum.

They are designed to broaden the opportunities for pupils to take part in other learning experiences and skills such as team work, cooperation, thinking skills, self confidence, healthy living etc. All activities are age related eg basketball will commence in G4

Where the activity is lead by a member of REA staff, the costs are part of the school fees.

Where an activity requires specialised coaching eg karate, parents of children taking part will be asked to share the cost of hiring a coach. 

If an ASC decides to hold a short excursion away from the school campus, the members of the club will be asked to contribute to any addition expenses eg entry fees, transport etc.

The ASCs are compulsory and all pupils must sign up for two activities per term. They will be asked to select a different set of activities in Term 2 and will have a free choice in Term 3.